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embodied skiing

Embodied Skiing is a unique training experience designed for individuals and groups who seek increased productivity, improved interpersonal skills and greater control over their decision-making.

Andrea Spieth takes the proven techniques of embodiment coaching out of the seminar room and onto the slope. In the challenging mountain environment, cognition is overtaken by emotion, and the connection between our physical and mental worlds can be fully realised.

By becoming aware of the dynamic between body and mind, we can experience how our physical actions influence our thoughts, moods and emotions, and begin a process of real, transformative change.

good for you

Embodied skiing is a powerful tool for personal development. By gaining awareness of how your physical actions impact your emotions and mental states, you can gain greater control over your relationships and decision-making in life and work.

good for your team

Embodied skiing is a great team-building experience, and a practical gateway to new organisational skills that will enhance communications and efficiency in the workplace. Ask us about arranging a group workshop for your team.

good for your business

Embodiment training takes organisational learning and development to a new level. Development steps are faster, more holistic and more human. This distinguishes good from excellent personnel development.

about the day

Embodied Skiing is ideally suited for business people, managers and corporate teams, but will benefit anyone with an interest in self development and a passion for skiing. Coaching takes place on groomed slopes, and requires a level of skiing ability equivalent to skiing on black runs. The day is structured around the following three principles:

• A focus on internal instead of external perception (awareness of self)
• Noticing difference rather than trying to evaluate or measure
• Self-directed (as opposed to trainer-directed) learning processes

Participants will spend the day on the slope with Andrea, a certified Embodiment Coach and IVSI Instructor with more than 20 years' experience training and coaching ski instructors. The workshop includes an introduction to embodiment theory and technique, activities and tasks on the ski slope (solo and in pairs), and group feedback / reflection sessions.




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