Cultural Transformation

Corporate Culture is a relevant factor of success. A cultural transformation starts with the people and influences them. With a holistic framework we design specific programs for management, leaders and teams. That`s how we create positive transformation at an organisational and individual level.

Leadership Development

Empowering programs to help leaders and managers unlock the full human potential in themselves and others. We work to identify problem areas and create a tailor-made process to improve collaboration, increase agility and boost performance and all-round wellbeing in the workplace.

Embodiment Coaching

Discover how patterns in your physical behaviour impact your emotional responses and decision-making – and how you can change them to more easily achieve the results you want. This structured, supervised and potentially life-changing program is available via one-to-one sessions or group workshops.


The pathway for growth is not the same for everyone. Every person, business and organisation is unique, so whether working with an individual or with an entire company, we always take a context-specific approach. There is no ‘one size fits all’ method of coaching.

For this reason the services listed on this website – leadership development, change management and embodiment coaching – should be seen as a general guide, rather than a set of rigid formulas. In practice, clients often benefit from a combination.

Typical formats in a transformation journey are group workshops, facilitated seminars, surveys or one-to-one coaching. The aim is to deliver an agile, holistic program that is attuned to specific characters, situations and goals.

About Andrea

I am a passionate embodiment coach and expert in organizational development. The many years of practical working experience within start-ups, SMEs and international groups provide me with a vast background and insights to combine and integrate solid business know-how with a deep understanding of the critical requirements of leadership and individuals in a professional context.

After acquiring university degrees in German philology and Sports science, I started my professional career in the area of public relations. I continued to gain extensive experience within human resources, where I focused on personnel and organizational development.

My core interest is the human being as part of an organization and as an individual, with their manifold and complex forms and dimensions. I am fascinated by the interplay between mind and body and how this can be utilized optimally - also in business. 

Life for me is learning, working, being active and letting go (in alternating order), preferably in the mountains, in a seminar room or on the yoga mat. I learn and find inspiration from Gunther Schmidt (Milton Erickson Institute), Stephen Gilligan, Matthias Varga von Kibéd & Insa Sparrer (SySt Institute), Rolf Krizian (Scola Academy) and from numerous people with whom I have worked and still collaborate as a trainer, coach, colleague, manager, ski instructor or just as Andrea.


What is Embodiment?

Embodiment, or somatic learning, is a powerful self-development science with origins dating back to the earliest Eastern philosophies. Based on the relationship between the mind and body, its methodology and value are supported by modern studies in the fields of neuroscience, psychology and kinesics.

Embodiment describes the process of becoming fully aware of the interdependence between body and mind, and using that awareness to be more effective in the way we manage our daily lives.

Most people are familiar with how the emotional situations we face each day affect our physical behaviour. It’s no secret for example that anger, happiness and fear impact our breathing, posture and facial expressions in different ways. What we tend to notice less is how this interaction also works in reverse. A simple shift in posture can make us feel more relaxed; smiling can prompt feelings of happiness.

Once we recognise how our physical habits contribute to our psychological states rather than simply being a reflection of them, we can begin identifying negative patterns and making simple changes to overcome them.

Embodiment is a powerful tool for personal growth, particularly in business environments where interpersonal skills and stress management are key. Simple and transformative, it can be integral to helping individuals, teams and organisations perform at their highest potential.

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